Songs in the Key of <D​*​C> - The Dragon​*​Con Album

by Old John Smokey

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Special limited edition CDs titled "Con of a Dragon Three Equals Equals Equals Dee" were sold at Dragon*Con which featured all Old John Smokey songs to date. This album includes only the new songs from that CD and a special bonus track with Ali Spagnola.


released December 5, 2012

"Synonyms for Drunk" written by Ali Spagnola and performed by Ali Spagnola and Old John Smokey.
"Vicario" written by Kissinger.
"Party Rock Anthem" written by Stefan Gordy, Skyler Gordy, Jamahl Listenbee, and Peter Schroeder.
All other songs written by Old John Smokey and performed by Old John Smokey, Lou Rod Jenkins, Jar Bob, and Tilly Jenkins.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Old John Smokey Elmira, New York

I'm known as Old John Smokey and people round these parts know me for my spoontastic bonanza of blues music.

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Track Name: Ali Spagnola and Old John Smokey - Synonyms for Drunk (Live)
In rare form and fried and whiskyfied, ossified, tipsy and tanked and sloppy and cranked, blotto, invincible, done, bent, stinko, messed up, tore up, lubed up, boozed up, liquored up, banged up, lit up, hooched up, buzzed and jazzed and glazed, embalmed, ripped and pissed and blitzed and bombed, sodden, logged and corked, unsober, shot and sopped and sotally tober, smashed, trashed, bashed, mashed, muzzy, fuzzy, dizzy, merry, screwed and glowing and nuked and blowing a two

Soaked and jiggered and gone and piffled, juiced and happy and seeing triple, loaded, polluted, toasted and stupid, inebriated, intoxicated, annihilated, saturated, lubricated, marinated, retarded, obliterated, pixilated, three sheets to the wind

Licked and plowed and mellow, ambushed, cocked and silly and hammered and crushed, drenched and wrenched and slammed and wasted, corked and skunked and sloshed, slambasted, blasted and plastered, shellacked and whacked and crunk and drunk